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Grief Workshop

Saturday November 1, 2014 10am-12noon

Together with Grief Counselor Lauren King, we will be holding an intimate two hour grief workshop. This is a nourishing, rejuvinating approach to the grieving process using breath work and creativity. People who have taken this class say they feel a new appreciation for their grief.  Bring a mat and something to write in if you like.


Breath Circles

Next Circle will be Saturday Dec 6, 2014 in Pasadena.  I offer these monthly circles for anyone who wants to learn or practice a Pranayama breathing meditation. This type of meditation is what I use to relax, relieve tension in my body and come to a neutral, calm place with myself that is not clouded by emotion or worry. It is a great practice for people who have a hard time meditating and it has helped me heal myself and enjoy life more fully for the past ten years.  If you are interested in attending, please send me an email and I will be happy to give you the details.



Coming in January 2015: One day Grief Workshop with Lauren King


This is the flier for the workshop we held last spring. We will do another on in January 2015 at Yogala in Echo Park. This is a longer workshop, where we take time to really explore any grief we are dealing with. It includes breath work, writing, drawing and movement. It is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who feels they have sadness they are ready to move. For more information please email abfaison@yahoo.com




Drawing Together

A workshop for adults and kids

Drawing alongside our kids is a fun way to support their creativity while exercising our own.  Many parents feel they are not equipped to make art with their children, and lots of adults say they “can’t draw.”   This ongoing workshop is designed for kids and adults to improve their drawing skills and incorporate more art making into their lives.

Children are natural artists and they have a lot to teach us about freely expressing their ideas and being satisfied with the results.  Similar to playing an instrument, drawing well comes with practice, and learning to get our minds out of the way .  The instruments in drawing are your eyes, hands and mind, and learning to play them is a matter of disciplining the mind to allow eyes and hands to become a single channel of information.

This workshop is currently being offered privately. Email me for more information.

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Drawing on Grief:

I also offer a workshop that incorporate meditation, drawing and writing in order to work with grief creatively. Expressing grief in a productive environment can lessen the burden of it and teach us to be open to any sadness we face or have repressed in the past.

Contact: abfaison@yahoo.com to find out dates and times.