“Dancing with the Midwives is a thoughtful, heartfelt book about transformation.  Guiding us gently through the death of her unborn daughter, we are given a poetic glimpse into Ann Faison’s private world of thoughts, images, and healing.  The book will surely resonate with mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and anyone who appreciates the delicate nature of grief.”

-Fredda Wasserman, MA, MPH, LMFT, CT, Clinical Director, OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center and Author of Saying Goodbye to Someone You Love

“Ann Faison has created a profound work of art in Dancing with the Midwives.  She poetically chronicles her journey through the loss of her unborn child.  It is a touching heartfelt piece that paints a clear picture of a mother’s grieving process. If you have suffered from the loss of a loved one this book can help bring healing to your life.”

-David Elliott, author The Reluctant Healer and Healing

Dancing with the Midwives moved me in unexpected ways. Ann Faison’s measured, spare observations-in finely crafted sentences, superb drawings and elegiac poems-convey the power of deep emotions and a spirit of renewal. There is sadness here, and joy, too. It’s a book of universal themes and particular challenges that will alter the perception of loss and life for the most jaded eye.”

-Christopher Napolitano, Editor-at-Large, Playboy Magazine, Inc.

“A lyrical and profound book. If grieving sometimes seems like a foreign landscape, where we can’t quite recognize the street signs or speak the language, this book is like traveling on a journey through a desert culture with subtle colors and striking vistas, at once familiar and unknowable. A lot of wisdom in these slender pages.”

-Seth Faison, Pulitzer Prize Winning New York Times reporter and former Shanghai Bureau Chief

“This work shows how one is capable to become transported to a supreme state despite the deep pain of the physical reality. Faison shares her uplifting perspective during a time of intense challenge. She has discovered the vein of possibility in the heart of her experience of grief.”

-Amy Luster, M.A., LMFT

“Dancing with the Midwives is a powerful work of art.  Through her gorgeous drawings and arresting prose, Ann Faison turns the saddest event imaginable into an evocative, beautiful and enduring gift for her readers.”

-Nina Hachigian, Author of The Next American Century: How the US Can Thrive as Other Powers Rise (Simon & Schuster)

“I read Dancing with the Midwives in one sitting.  It is beautiful and I am grateful for the insight it has given me into the most difficult part of my job.  I am honored to have been a witness to part of the journey.”

-Kelly Deitzen, Licensed Midwife, CPM